Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 4, 2011

Chiropractors in Santa Barbara

Chiropractors in Santa Barbara know that proper balance is essential for an individual to be able to manage and keep body position while in motion or remaining still. Proper balance helps a person to walk without wobbling, rise from a sitting position without needing assistance, and to climb stairs without safely.

Balance problems are found in 9 percent of adults, aged 65 and older. Proper balance is vital in aiding an older person to stay independent, and to carry out daily chores and activities. Dizziness, “wooziness,” and difficulties with balance are commonly experienced by a large majority people as they age.

The experience by some people that they, themselves, or their environment is spinning is called “vertigo.” About 40 percent of people nationwide will have an incidence of dizziness that is consequential enough to go to a doctor. And, among older adults, falls associated with vertigo are the most widespread cause of severe injury and death.

Chiropractors in Santa Barbara knows that allergies can turn your everyday life into misery. Unwelcomed symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, or a skin rash can occur from a simple walk in the garden, a play date with Kitty, a seafood pasta, or even something as small as a nut. However, occasionally our allergic reactions can progress from just plain irritating to dangerous and life-threatening, as our air passageway becomes constricted and we have a hard time breathing. If you have allergies, it may seem that, from time-to-time, your environment is a intensely antagonistic place and that the world around you is, truly, out to get you! Keeping your nervous system functioning at it’s maximum through regular chiropractic adjustments will help balance your nervous system and consequently help in strengthening your immune system and make one less susceptible to allergic reactions.

Chiropractors in Santa Barbara are experts when it comes to shoulder pain relief. Your shoulders are subject to constant use and abuse. They are expected to perform many different movements throughout your day. When functioning normally and pain free the shoulders are designed to perform a variety of involved motions that aid you in performing daily activities – at home, work and at play. However, the shoulders are subject to overstress and consequently will cause one pain and restricted motion. Common causes of shoulder injury are participating in repetitive activities such as lifting and other arm actions, in particular those done overhead, like throwing a baseball, swinging a golf club or tennis racket, or just putting an items on upper shelves. These kinds of repetitive movements can irritate the nerves and other tissue in the shoulder joints, and if untreated can end up producing damaging and permanent wear and tear of the tissues surrounding the joints. Repetitive motions in a healthy shoulder should not actually create pain. However, if you are experiencing pain in your shoulder, it is evidence that there’s a condition that requires correcting. Proper chiropractic care can assist the shoulder to regain health and improved function.

The severity of this shoulder impingement syndrome can extend from a slight “catching” pain upon motion (particularly raising your arm overhead), to an almost complete inability to use the shoulder. Do not, under any circumstance either ignore your shoulder pain or continue an activity while in pain. It is essential for you to see a health professional about your shoulder problem as soon as possible because the problem will only go from bad to worse. Unhappily, if ignored, some shoulder challenges, such as Rotator Cuff Syndrome, may in time end up needing surgery and an extended rehabilitation. Your chiropractor knows just what to do to relieve your pain, and is an authority in diagnosing and treating muscular-skeletal dysfunction. Chiropractic examination will pinpoint the specific cause of your shoulder pain and attempt to correct the cause at its source. Your chiropractor will aid in restoring proper mobility to your shoulder joints, and will also recommend rehabilitation stretching and strengthening exercises that will not only help correct the shoulder problem you have now, but will help you to avoid shoulder injuries in the future.


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