Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 8, 2011

Benefits Of Chiropractic Services For Athletes

For the last few decades, the value of chiropractic services has become increasingly clear as more patients suffer the results of spinal misalignments (subluxations). Adjusting the vertebral column has relieved tension and pain for millions of people. For some, their new-found comfort has allowed them to return to their jobs without the pain they once endured. For others, relief has meant they can enjoy the active lifestyles that were becoming more difficult due to back and neck problems. Still others are athletes. For them, chiropractic care has not only provided comfort, but also improved their athletic performance.

Improving Athletic Performance Through Routine Adjustments

Other sports are high-impact, and place a significant level of stress on the spine. For example, hockey, wrestling, and football can place as much stress on the body as an auto collision. This creates trauma on the spine, and can move vertebrae out of alignment. The misaligned vertebrae can interrupt nerve transmissions that branch out from between the vertebrae. The results of these subluxations also include a loss in range of motion, headaches, inflammation and soreness, and slower recovery following minor injuries. These and other side effects impair an athlete’s performance these conditions needs chiropractic services.

A chiropractor can adjust vertebral misalignment’s, and restore the spinal column’s natural position. In doing so, he or she can minimize – and in many cases, eliminate – physical ailments due to the subluxations. Because high-contact sports produce frequent misalignment’s receiving regular chiropractic care can be a valuable tool for athletes.

Even those who participate in low-contact sports, such as golf, tennis, and bowling, place great strain upon their bodies. For this reason, they, too, can benefit from regular spinal adjustments.

Improved Range Of Motion For Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes put their bodies through intense strain, and thus cope with unique physical challenges. For instance, it is not uncommon for marathon runners to experience knee pain, tendonitis, and back and neck pain. Much of this discomfort stems from a loss of flexibility in the vertebral column. Disruptions of the nerve transmissions emanating from the spinal cord coincide with irritation of the nerve roots. This irritation can contribute to joint pain and other dysfunctions throughout the body.

When professional chiropractic services are given to endurance athletes, the pathways along which nerve transmissions flow are cleared. Therapy minimizes irritation of the nerve roots. This, in turn, minimizes dysfunctions that lead to an impaired range of motion. By restoring the athlete’s spinal mobility, a trained chiropractor can improve his or her joint flexibility. This results in increased endurance and fewer longstanding injuries.

Additional Benefits For Athletes

Besides improved endurance, better flexibility, and fewer injuries, chiropractic care can offer additional benefits to those who regularly participate in sports. It will help improve the patient’s posture, lessening the likelihood of future spinal misalignments and eventural degeneration of the spine. It can also increase blood circulation, which helps deliver oxygen to organs and tissues throughout the body.

It is also worth noting that minor injuries are common in many sports, and thus recovery time must be minimized in order to improve performance. Because spinal adjustments reduce irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae, and minimize dysfunctions related to the muscles, recovery time can be shortened. Moreover, the risk of injury is diminished in the first place.

Chiropractic Care Is Not Only For Injuries

Up to this point, we have presented the benefits of chiropractic therapy mostly in the context of treating and avoiding sports injuries. But the value of therapy extends much further. Even those who do not actively participate in sports place constant stress upon their spines during the course of a typical day. This causes the vertebrae to gradually become misaligned. As a result, you may experience chronic back and neck pain as well as many other impairments. A doctor of chiropractic can adjust your spinal column, and restore your body’s natural mechanical processes.


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