Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 8, 2011

Chiropractic Services in Santa Barbara

If you have occasion visit beautiful Santa Barbara, you may want to avail yourself with one of the city’s top health & wellness provider, Santa Barbara Chiropractor, Dr. Paul Zemella. You may have a minor injury that needs quick attention, or possibly something more serious, or perhaps you’re current chiropractor is not available to attend to your needs within the Santa Barbara area. The Zemella Family Chiropractic Center will professionally manage your health concerns, providing responsible, professional care.

Chiropractic services may include any of the following additional therapies:

Spinal or joint manipulation by hand, utilizing Diversified Adjusting Technique, or utilizing an Activator instrument. This instrument allows a gentle, effective, specific, non-invasive correction of the spine and other joints, without involving the physical pushing of the vertebra. Even precisely adjusting ribs, or TM joints, which are typically very tender, can be done effectively and comfortably. The activator instrument procedure is especially indicated in the elderly, those with advanced osteoporosis, or those that have a strong fear of the physical adjusting of the spine.

Cox flexion-distraction technique is provided using a specialized table, which chiropractors operates manually. Once the gentle traction is applied by the table and the pressure from her hand on your back, the table is pumped slowly up and down. This decompresses and opens disc spaces and facet joints, increasing normal circulation and inducing more normal movement, thus relieving the back pain and sciatica (pain down the legs.)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy® is a very gentle, subtle holding, usually at the back of the head (cranium) or at the sacrum. By utilizing knowledge of the body’s anatomy, physiology, and neurology, the practitioner interacts with the client’s own fluid pulses, to facilitate return to normal function.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an electrical stimulation modality which employs microamps, as opposed to milliamps. Microamps more nearly match the electrical charges in the human body. Frequency Specific refers to the ability to utilize frequencies that resonate with the target tissue (such as muscle, joint, nerves, etc.), and with the condition to be addressed (such as inflammation, spasm, or pain). FSM has been successful in treating Fibromyalgia, and many other conditions, including sports injuries.

Webster Technique is a gentle, comfortable, and non-invasive procedure specifically for turning babies who are presenting breech. It is a combination of sacral manipulation and addressing abdominal trigger points. If there is a reason for the baby to remain breech, it will not turn. chiropractors has been kicked by several babies who refused to turn (later found to have the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck). On at least one occasion, the baby turned and was delivered normally on the following day! This chiropractic services the mother and the baby also.

Massage Therapy/ Neuromuscular therapy is an perfect companion to Chiropractic services. By addressing the spine and joints and the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, fascia), treatments in many cases are more effective and longer lasting, speeding recovery.

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The stones are warmed in hot water, coated with oil, then placed on the body, or held by the massage therapist as she massages the tissues. The heat helps tight muscles release, thus enhancing a satisfying result.

Reiki is a hands on healing technique based on universal life energy which serves to align charkas and bring healing energy to organs and glands. Reiki balances the energy field and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. It is excellent for cancer patients for whom massage may be contraindicated. A Reiki treatment is comforting and relaxing and can give one a sense of emotional well-being.

Other chiropractic services that are utilized, with which you possibly are already familiar, include moist heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, exercise instruction, exploration of diet and nutrition, sleep habits, work station, and more. The Zemella Family Chiropractic Center offers a wide array of chiropractic services, all in an effort to provide the best health care possible for you, the patient.


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