Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 8, 2011

How Do I Find A Wellness Chiropractor?

Finding an experienced and reliable chiropractor can oftentimes be difficult, especially for patients who may be skeptical or do not totally understand the nature of chiropractic wellness and how such can benefit the individual. Here are some tips that you may consider upon seeking a chiropractor.

Always start by asking your doctor, friends, and family for recommendations. Frequently you are restrained on your choices according to the list of chiropractors included in your health plan. However, if the chiropractor that has been recommended is not on your plan you must make the choice as to whether receiving competent, trustworthy care is more valuable priority to your health and worth you having to pay “out of your pocket“

If Medicare directly covers you, chiropractic care is usually included and most chiropractors will accept Medicare. Again, ask your friends or family if they might know of a Chiropractor that they have had good results with before choosing.

Medicare offers several options to the doctors office. You may have to pay the entire cost of your services at the time they are performed and the be reimbursed by Medicare sever weeks later. You may have to bill Medicare yourself, and wait several weeks before you will be reimbursed.

Other important things to know:
If the wellness chiropractor does not participate in Medicare, Medicare will not pay the claim.
You must have paid your annual deductible for services and supplies before Medicare will begin to pay its share.You may pay little or nothing if you are covered by a Medigap/Medicare Supplemental plan. Call the plan and ask about your share of cost. Wellness chiropractors will readily refer patients to the appropriate health care provider when chiropractic care is not suitable for the patient’s condition, or the condition warrants co-management in conjunction with other members of the health care team.


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