Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 11, 2011

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction And Chiropractic Services

People have a wrong notion that chiropractic care is something that everyone goes for when they have the problem of back pain. But chiropractic services also helps with many other conditions like TMJ or temporal mandibular joint dysfunction.

The TMJ is the connection between the skull and the mandible and is the reason we can eat, yawn, swallow and speak. There is a very small disc that surrounds the joint, if this disc gets displaced, it results in TMJ or Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction. One of the symptoms of TMJ is that it becomes difficult to open and close your mouth. If proper treatment is not done on time, TMJ can become a serious problem. If one suffers from TMJ, crunching or grinding sound is produced when one opens or closes their mouth. There can be many reasons due to which TMJ can happen. Anything that puts strain on the jaw can result in TMJ. When one suffers from TMJ, most prominent problems are headaches and pain in the ears.

Our jaw acts as a hinge that connects the skull and the mandible and that helps us in swallowing, speaking and chewing. It is one of the most commonly used joint in the entire body.

When the disc becomes displaced or the muscles and tendons that are around it get inflamed, TMJ takes place. The result of this is pain and difficulty in opening and closing of the mouth, pain and tenderness around the joint which is located directly in front of the ear and a crunching and grinding noise when the person opens or closes his or her mouth. Earaches, dizziness, headaches and hearing problem are some of the problems that entail TMJ.

Chiropractic treatment is one of the best ways to treat TMJ. Chiropractic services can help in treating TMJ in two ways. One they provides chiropractic adjustment to the upper jaw or neck and secondly by recommending nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes to help make the recovery faster and prevent a relapse.

Chiropractic services works very effectively with patients who suffer from TMJ. Before going ahead with the treatment plan, your chiropractor will perform a full spinal analysis which focuses on the upper neck and also will evaluate the jaw joint.

Chiropractors make sure that they not only treat the patients and give a temporary relief but also provide them a permanent solution. This form of treatment focuses on the total human body and believes that it is connected with both the environment and lifestyle of the individuals. So, in case you are suffering from the problem of TMJ, you should not ignore it and consult your chiropractor as soon as you can.

It is a common notion that if one is in any type of pain, allopathic treatment is the best one and can provide relief. People have doubt or are not sure if chiropractic treatment can help with TMJ and reduce the pain that they are having. It is without a doubt that chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain in such a case. Chiropractor services will not only help you relieve the pain temporarily but would try to make sure that you get a permanent solution.

Chiropractors are highly trained in their profession and as with all health care practitioners they will first study the symptoms and diagnose the patient and determine the cause of the problem and then treat the problem in the appropriate way. They diagnose the problem in an efficient way and treat the disorder which affects the nervous system and health of the patient. Chiropractic services becoming more popular. More and more people are turning to this method of treatment first for their health problem. The basic elements of chiropractic are holism, naturalism and rationalism. Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are also paid attention on. Chiropractic believes that the environment in which one lives, the human body and the lifestyle are all inter linked.

A chiropractor prepares a report of your case and will include your family history, cause of the problem, your lifestyle and more. After assessing the report, the chiropractor will start the treatment by recommending you a particular course of action which will include diet, nutrition, exercise and amendments in your lifestyle. These changes will help you to get relief from the pain and also make sure that the pain does not surface in the future. If you think that chiropractic treatment is not very effective and cannot help you in the long run, you are mistaken. If you are suffering from any kind of pain and have not done anything about it yet, then you should go ahead and approach a good chiropractor soon.


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