Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 20, 2011

Neck Adjustment Done By A Chiropractor Can Lower Blood Pressure

About 65 million Americans are fighting with the problem of blood pressure. Doctors are not sure of what is causing blood pressure to increase but they have found out that a certain kind of neck adjustment can help in reducing hypertension. A study was carried out where the connection between spinal realignment and blood pressure were studied. Some tests were carried out to see if there was any change in the blood pressure. It was noticed that patients who had chiropractic adjustment done by Santa Barbara chiropractors had a drop in their level of blood pressure. It takes two blood pressure medications to achieve this level of drop.

Patients who had neck pain before the adjustment reported that their blood pressure had dropped after the study. The C1 vertebra that is located at the top of the spine acts like a fuse box in the body. If it is twisted, it pinches nerves and arteries at the base of the neck. This causes discomfort and also affects the flow of the blood. If the spine is not aligned properly, it can result in many things like diseases and painful conditions. So, patients who have C1 misaligned, chiropractic care lower the pain and blood pressure at the same time.

Santa Barbara Chiropractors are specially trained to determine which patients would need x-rays. It is through x-rays it can be determined if Santa Barbara chiropractors would work with certain patients. It is also not known for sure as to how long the neck adjustments or decreased blood pressure will remain.

It is not sure if the vertebra at the top of the neck is in a crucial region where the lower part of the brain and the brain stem related to the working of the blood pressure. It can be imagined according to theory that changing the anatomy of that region can have changes on the regulation of blood pressure.

A Neck pain can stem from an endless list of causes. For example, you might sleep in the wrong position, and wake up with a cramp in your neck; you might be involved in an auto accident, and experience discomfort characteristic of whiplash; or you may go dancing with friends, and experience a spasm that causes pain if you move a certain way. These and many other circumstances can lead to neck-related pain. Most of us will experience it sometime during our lives, though it will present in different ways.

The most common approach most people take to address the issue is to simply ignore the discomfort. It eventually dissipates to the point at which motion becomes less painful.

Unfortunately, this fails to resolve the most common underlying problems: spinal misalignments and joint restrictions. Without addressing these root causes, the stage is set for a recurrence of pain in the future.


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