Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 20, 2011

Solving Cervical Pain With A Chiropractor ( Santa Barbara)

A Cervical pain or neck pain is a common condition. Stress, critical health conditions and injuries are the reasons that cause neck pain usually. To identify the underlying cause of the patient’s neck pain is the main aim of a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment is carried out to help the patient resume his or her daily life activities in a normal manner and reduce the pain. There are a few methods that help in carrying out this task. In Trigger Point Therapy, your chiropractor determines the painful areas on a muscle and then he applies direct pressure on these parts manually and relieves the tension.

Santa Barbara Chiropractor care is comprised of several treatment measures; some rely solely upon manual intervention while others employ instruments designed to leverage the force applied on the vertebral column without the need for thrusts. The approach taken by your doctor will depend largely on the underlying cause of your cervical pain. One common approach is known as the flexion-distraction technique.

Flexion-Distraction Method – This approach uses a table to restore the neck’s normal physiological range In Flexion-Distraction Method, a table is used to regain the normal physiological range of flexion of the neck. This method is a mild adjustment process which works well with the natural working of the body and helps in treating the pain in a natural method. This method is also non-invasive and simple. The Santa Barbara chiropractor adds pressure to various parts of the neck and also stretches and twists the neck. In Ultrasound, a gentle heat from the sound waves goes deep to the tissues. This procedure enhances the circulation of blood and hence results in stiffness, reduction of the muscle pain and bulging. In Inferential Electrical Stimulation, a low frequency electrical current goes through the affected area which then induces the muscles and reduces acute and continuous pain. The mobility is increased by the heat that is yielded in the electrical current. The tightness and pain are alleviated. The natural pain killers in the body are produced more with the help of electrical current sent to the affected places. In order to improve the health, chiropractors encourage prevention. Like it would be really good if by learning how to keep a good posture and mechanics, a person can avoid having neck pain. A chiropractor looks at the person and his lifestyle and not just the pain. So, self care is the main focus of a Santa Barbara chiropractor.

Experienced Santa Barbara Chiropractor realize that complaints about cervical discomfort do not necessarily mean the underlying problem is in the neck. The pain may be emanating from the upper, middle, or lower back. For this reason, he or she will conduct a physical exam and full evaluation of your vertebral column to diagnose the issue. The evaluation typically begins with motion palpation. This is a method in which the chiropractor uses touch to determine whether the joints in your spine are moving properly. The approach is usually combined with x-rays, which provide visualization of your spine, and observing your posture while you walk.


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