Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 24, 2011

Great Results On Personal Injuries Through Chiropractic Services

In order to visualize what happens to your head in a collision, you just need to think about a ball which is placed on top of a spring. If you’re involved in a rear end collision your torso will be propelled forward because of the impact, while your head will tend to lag behind due to inertia. In such instances the head often reaches what is known as ‘hyper-extension’ before being jerked forward by the rest of the body. In the vast majority of cases where this occurs people will sustain neck injuries. The most common neck injury sustained because of a collision is called whiplash, or in medical terms, cervical hyperextension.

Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, Chiropractic Services has shown itself to be one of the most effective treatments out there. Of course a chiropractor will only ever begin treatment once a patient has undergone a complete examination which in most cases also includes x-rays. The chiropractor’s primary goal will be to re-align the vertebrae, and also to maintain the alignment so that the delicate tissues which surround the spinal cord have sufficient time to heal. One should bear in mind that if the vertebrae are not aligned as they should be, the tissues will continue to heal even though the vertebrae are misaligned.

Apart from making chiropractic services, the chiropractor will also often use therapeutic massage together with physical therapy. When used in conjunction with each other, these help to enhance blood flow, which in turn helps to promote the healing process. Any whiplash injury can take up to twelve months to heal completely because it’s essentially a sprain involving several ligaments and muscles. Because of this, it’s essential for a patient to follow the chiropractor’s instructions until such time their neck has healed completely. Even though it can take so long for the injury to heal, that doesn’t mean a patient will be in pain for that length of time. Lastly but not least, patients need to realize that the tissues and ligaments may not have their full strength even after complete recovery.

Chiropractic services is a health care profession that emphasizes the treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. Treatments also include exercises with health and lifestyle counseling. Many times musculoskeletal disorders originate with obesity because of excess weight placed on the bones and joints. Chiropractors were one of the first Chiropractic Services  professionals to administer comprehensive weight loss management programs to help reduce weight and unwanted body fat. Various diets and supplement programs with consistent exercise can be administered for healthy individual weight loss by the chiropractor. The motivation to stay on a specific program is a result of monitoring fat loss and muscle gain with RJL Systems Quantum series of body composition analyzers along with a printed individualized progress report.


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