Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 24, 2011

Standing, Sitting and Sleeping with the Proper Foot, Neck, and Back Support Advices From A Wellness Chiropractor

As a wellness chiropractor from Santa Barbara , I often have patients ask what they can do to help take care of themselves at home. They generally want to know what their limits are as far as bending and lifting and other activities. Some want to know about exercises they can do to help. I will tell you now what I tell them  bending and lifting are not the problems they have been made out to be AND exercises will not help.Absolutely the most important things people with back or neck pain can do themselves are making sure that their shoes are helping the rest of their body and not hurting it, sitting in a way that props the body upright without any effort on their part, and sleeping in a way that eliminates pressure and stress on the body. If a patient does not do these big three properly I can still fix their body… BUT, they will not feel much better.

It is that important!

That is why wellness chiropractor always talk about standing, sitting, and sleeping soon after they get their first treatment in my office. Done correctly, standing, sitting, and sleeping strategies will strengthen and help to further correct their posture. Patients who have difficulty sleeping or who wake with pain can be helped tremendously with this NEW information on how to sleep.

It is hard to believe how good you can feel when you wake up without tossing and turning all night.

Simply choose one of these strategy below to learn more about

Standing – Remove Arch Supports From Your Shoes

The new discoveries on standing are that if your shoes have ANY arch support, or if they are too tight, or if they are not high enough in the heels then they can make the rest of your body twist and shift around to compensate for the imbalances they are causing. This shifting and twisting in other parts of your body can cause pain there simply because your body has to compensate for what the shoes are doing. Your shoes should not have any arch supports.

Wellness chiropractor  know this is different than what you have been led to believe by companies that make and sell SHOES and ORTHOTICS but it is the truth. Everyone missed it until the early 1990’s. It has been slow getting out because it will cost a lot of people a lot of money.

This concept of not having arch supports has been tested on 10’s of thousands of patients – all with the same result. The reason goes back to what happens with your feet. First, something goes wrong with the mechanics of one foot. That changes that foot, the ankle attached to those bones on that foot, the knee above that ankle, and the hip above that. Then the entire pelvis goes crooked in some way (depending upon what happened to the foot and which foot bone is out of place).

Once the pelvis goes crooked, it causes the opposite side hip to get twisted. This changes its alignment.

This then changes the alignment of the knee below it and the ankle below that. Once the ankle is twisted out of proper alignment the foot is also twisted out of alignment changing its mechanics. Given that you have two feet, what you then have is a foot with a mechanical problem because something happened to it that needs to be corrected, and a foot with a mechanical problem that is there strictly because of – and to compensate for – the other foot. If you correct the original one, it will straighten the ankle, knee, hip, pelvis ON BOTH SIDES. That means if you correct them BOTH with arch supports you will have a problem forever. The compensating side DOES NOT have a problem – it disappears as soon as you fix the other one.

If you then support the compensation side (that automatically corrects when the other is corrected and no longer needs to be compensated for) you will CAUSE a misalignment of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, back and god knows what else.

This is why so many people get orthotics or use arch supports to “correct” their back, foot, knee or whatever and then, they stop having problems with that, but… now they are in my office for headaches or some other back pain or their hip or what-have-you.

We get those arch supports out, adjust their body structure and then correct JUST THE FOOT THAT NEEDS IT and they are well and on their way.

New discoveries by wellness chiropractor in how to sit can ease your pain.
This information on sitting positions is so critical that MOST people getting structural correction for old injuries WILL NOT FEEL BETTER until they learn to sit correctly. What you are about to read will sound like the cliché of a nagging mother saying “sit up straight!”

Your mother was not totally wrong!

You do need to sit up straight. But, what she didn’t know was that in most chairs, sofas, cars, and planes you cannot sit up straight without a bunch of effort. In fact, sofas and recliners are made to slump in – so you slump. Car seats and other chairs just make you slump unintentionally. In either case — because you are slumped — your body is put under a lot of pressure in certain areas. This can cause you pain. You might feel discomfort while you are sitting, but often NOT until a few hours later. You can often see the adverse effects of sitting slumped simply because it is harder to get out of the seat you are in. Have you ever struggled to get up off of a sofa or a recliner? This is why.

Slumping in your seat also explains why people get fatigued and achy after driving for a distance or flying in an airplane. In this slumped position the muscles in your body are working harder and using more energy. Your body also has to twist around to shift the pressure off of injuries. This makes you fatigued, achy or causes pain in those areas.


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