Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | August 24, 2011

Who Knew Chiropractic Services Was This Important?

Chiropractors have the technology at their fingertips to undo a lifetime accumulation of injuries to your body. Chiropractic services practitioners are leading the field of bio-mechanics and Structural Correction by reversing what goes wrong with bodies. Simply put, due to certain injuries, bones can move out of position in directions where there is no muscle to pull them back into position. When this happens your body will twist and pull you into a different position someplace else to relieve the pressure on the injured area; this we call compensation.

Throughout your lifetime you have gotten these injuries along with their compensations. This is why your body is in the condition it is now. These problems only get worse as your body continues to compensate for new injuries that happen to it.People seek chiropractic services for many reasons. Some simply want to get out of the pain they are in, yet others also want to do something to ensure that their problems get fixed and do not come back. Some, hearing that chiropractic services can help different health problems other than neck and back pain are looking to get healthier.Chiropractic services is for those who want their lives back; who want to be able to do things again without worrying about if they will hurt their back doing it.

What Can Chiropractic Services Do For You?

For over 30 years now, people have been seeking Chiropractic services for back pain , neck pain, and headaches but also seemingly unrelated conditions like pain at the back of the head and tailbone pain . As we correct the bones that are out of place your body relaxes. This takes the tension off of the muscles and tissues which are stressed in other areas and so you feel better and you move and breathe easier. As unwinding occurs your body will normalize into an upright position. As this happens you feel better and your body functions better as well. In this position there is less pressure on your heart and lungs from your rib cage and so they work better and you stay healthier. With Structural Correction you can do the things you want to do again and NOT be thinking about how much you will suffer for it later.

People often seek Chiropractic services for their first time when they are in a lot of pain. It is not necessary to wait until you are in this much pain again. Usually, after the first time we work on someone they feel much better (once in a while this may take a few more visits). This is not Chiropractic services yet. Even though you feel better right away your body is not fixed yet.

In order to fix your body it takes time. Frequent treatments get rid of your old injuries by allowing them to be untwisted out of your body. Your body shifts and moves through different positions as it is correcting. Sometimes it will lean forward and you may feel worse temporarily. It will soon come upright again as the old injuries are being removed and you will feel better. Your body literally unwinds like this until all of your old injuries are gone.


How Long Does It Take?

I know it is hard to believe that if you fell off of a bicycle when you were a child that this old injury could still be affecting you today but this is how your body works. Your body has twisted around in different directions so many times in order to compensate for different injuries that you don’t feel the old symptoms any more. The symptoms you have now are from many layers of these injuries and their compensations.

The truth is that it is simply old injuries which have accumulated that cause these problems. We have the technology now to erase those old injuries from your body permanently. It has taken a lifetime to get like this so it will take a bunch of time for your body to rework itself inside. Be patient and you will be pleasantly surprised as the Structural Correction takes place and you are quickly able to do the things you want to again.


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