Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | October 14, 2011

Chiropractic Services For People Suffering From Lower Back Pain

As chiropractic services directly works with the spine, relief can be instant. After a few sessions, instances of pain are reported as having dropped drastically. Also, existing pain fades rapidly after sessions at the chiropractor allowing for immediate relief and satisfaction. This doesn’t only apply to back-pain though, any other forms of pain involving the limbs or joints can benefit just as much from this treatment. All in all, chiropractic services is an excellent way to go about dealing with back-pain, and again, all this is accomplished without the need to go under the knife or to be on a first-name relationship with your pharmacist.

The main reason that a complete heal is favored over temporary relief is because many lower back issues are reoccurring because of a specific movement. If you can get lower back pain relief from a Santa Barbara chiropractor, it really makes sense to take it. You will not have to worry about watching your movements because you do not want to flare up your back. It will not flare up because it will be healed. Depending on the severity of the pain, the relief could take anywhere from one treatment to several treatments. The upside of this is that, once it is all done, you will not have any back issues. The lower back carries a great deal of responsibility. It is the center of our skeletal system and can bear a great deal of the body’s weight, even when lifting isn’t executed properly. This is why there are many people in the world who frequently experience lower back pain, or “Lumbago.”

Lower back pain can be caused by many different things including poor posture, strenuous exercise, lifting excessive amounts of weight and general strain.  Your age can also play a role in the health of your lower back.  Most people who experience frequent lower back pain get rid of it after a few weeks of general self-care.  For those with frequent severe lower back pain or pain that doesn’t go away after a few weeks it is time to seek medical care.  Some symptoms of lower back pain may be burning sensations, pains felt in a single area or overall, pain that comes on suddenly or gradually, stiffness and muscle spasms. If you have frequent lower back pain that won’t ease up and you visit your chiropractor, he or she may do many different things.  If your chiropractor believes your pain may be caused by a slipped disc, or other skeletal/bone issues, he or she may do an x-ray.  After they evaluate your x-rays they will conclude as to what the best treatment may be.  For those that don’t have very serous injuries to the back, Chiropractic services would be the ideal treatment.

This is where chiropractic services steps in. It’s a non-invasive and drug-free approach to dealing with various types of pain, or in this case, back-pain. Chiropractic services was developed in the late eighteen-hundreds by D. D. Palmer who also founded the Palmer School of Chiropractic. It was further developed by his son B. J. Palmer and, though many were originally skeptical about it and it’s scientific merit, continues to this day as a respected and valuable form of treatment for various problems with the body. Chiropractic services works by manipulating the joints or vertebrae to relieve pain and symptoms. Though this may sound dangerous, it’s considered one of the safest means of treating pain without the need for a scalpel or a pill. Unlike surgery, its relatively pain-free and the most pain that one might expect is a soreness as if having just done some exercise. Unlike drugs, there is no need to keep buying bottle after bottle of pills that may not always work as hoped.


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