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One24, How Is It Possible To Retire In 12-24 Months?

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One24, How Is It Possible To Retire In 12-24 Months?

Understanding the compensation Plan:

Most MLM companies have a compensation plan that at first view appears somewhat complicated and confusing. The compensation plan for One24 can appear that way also; however it is actually an ingenious, one of a kind format that has amazing and unheard of return to its members. It actually allowing the new member, as the company advertises, to build a recurring monthly income that will allow the members, if they so choose to retire in 12-24 months. The company doesn’t specifically specify what that retirement level of income will be, but the inference is that the income generated from One24 will substitute for the member’s current employment income. However, there is so little work needed to promote your One24 business that I assume most members will not decide to retire, but rather to simply enjoy their normal income X2. That is, their normal pay check, plus the equal (or more) commission check from One24.

I’ve been doing MLM marketing for longer than most of the readers have been on this beautiful planet, and I’ve never seen a company or compensation plan that compares to One24. I sincerely believe it deserves your serious consideration.

One24’s unique 24-month retirement program uses what the describe as an Incentivized Referral System to compensate its members. The One24 compensation structure offers 4 unique income opportunities, consisting of Green, Silver, Platinum and Gold income streams as described below. ( I will attempt to make all of this not seem complicated, but it will take a couple to reads to wrap your brain around it)

1) Green income is earned for every PC (“preferred customer”, all marketing companies use initials to simplify their program explanation) that you personally refer and then chooses to purchase one of the One24 products for a $60 monthly volume. The PC also qualifies to receive income from every person your new members refers, paid down 12 levels (that alone is an amazingly generous income potential)…but there is MORE….

2) Silver Bonus: paid from an 8% pool of total sales that is evenly divided between APC’s during their first 4 months. (APC = Active Preferred Customer with a min. $60/mo. product purchase and having referred at least one PC with a $60/mo. product purchase).

3) Silver Performance Bonus: paid from an 8% pool of total sales, calculated from the number of Personally Referred APC’s, multiplied by the number of Silvers under you. Example: 2 personals x 1500 silvers = 3,000 shares. The shares are then multiplied by the share value (Total Pool divided by Total Shares qualified for).

1 Personal APC: 1 share
2 Personal APCs: 2 shares
3 Personal APCs: 3 shares
4 Personal APCs: 4 shares
5+ Personal APCs: 5 shares

(You are directly benefiting from your personal efforts in sharing One24 and having new members join.)

4) Platinum Bonus: a performance based bonus paid from a 4% pool of total sales, beginning with your 6th through 19th personally sponsored APC’s that have each referred 2 APC’s.

6 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 1 Share
7 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 2 Shares
8 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 3 Shares
9 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 4 Shares
10 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 5 Shares
11 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 6 Shares
12 Personal APCs with 2 APCs Each: 7 Shares

(The focus here is that you are teaching your new members to duplicate what you have done, in so doing you are richly rewarded for your efforts.)

5) Gold Income: With One24 you can only redeem one Green ticket per month, the Gold Rush allows you to refer as many people from your waiting list as there are available Green Tickets company wide, that have not been redeemed by the 24th of the month. This makes another 12 levels of income as well as 10% matching pay for all referrals from the Gold Rush. (to a serious marketer this compensation option is HUGE!)

If you refer someone during the Gold Rush, you will earn 12 tiers of compressed Green and Gold income, as well as, a 10% Matching Bonus of whatever that person’s check is, down 12 tiers, for life. Your sponsor will also make 10%, his sponsor will make 10%, and the next two people up will make 5% from those same 12 tiers!
If you refer someone during the Gold Rush that redeems a green ticket from someone on your team (under you), you will be paid combined Gold and Green income as a Gold Ticket Placement and because the ticket is falls in the 12 tiers below you, you’ll also be paid combined Gold and Green income over and over again because that new person falls is included in your organization! The people above the new referred placement (up to 12 levels) will also be paid for GREEN income because of the placement.
When someone outside of your One24 team redeems a green ticket during the Gold Rush from a ticket belonging to someone on your team, then up to 12 tiers of PCs above the placement will be paid on GREEN income since they redeemed one of your team’s unused green tickets.
The person who gave up their ticket during the Gold Rush will be paid up to $100 per month (50/50 split of the first $200 generated) for every green ticket not personally redeemed.

(If you are still reading I understand that your head is spinning…the point to be made here is that there is a ton of money to be made if one simply does a little bit of promotion, not to mention if you decide to truly dedicate yourself to this business model.)

One24′s Green, Silver and Platinum incomes have a combined max of $100,000 a month and the Gold Income has a bonus max of and additional $100,000 a month. Now those numbers, in my opinion, qualify for the definition of a “retirement level income”, don’t you agree? Incidentally, in case you didn’t catch the word…we are talking MONTHLY!

My video below helps to explain One24′s unique and generous compensation structure.

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Dr. Z

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