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Lose Weight, 3 Guaranteed Ways!

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Santa Barbara Chiropractor Dr. Paul ZemellaLose Weight, 3 Guaranteed Ways!

The subject of how to lose weight, or more specifically, obesity, is a serious issue. The percentage of Americans that are overweight is astronomical, and the unnecessary medical costs associated with this problem are equally horrendous.

I could go on about the negatives associated with being overweight, but I suspect that most, if not all, of overweight people are adequately aware of their need to lose weight and the seriousness of this issue. However, it seems that even though people have an understanding of the health implications they seem somehow to consider themselves immune to the medical morbidity that accompanies their condition and refuse to choose the priority to lose weight.

In my personal practice I can’t begin to count the times I’ve treated back problems associated with people needing to lose weight and recommended, even strongly advised the patient to that fact. Then, at some point in the future that same patient returning with chronic back pain will exclaim with pride that he/she is finely going to a weight loss clinic (spending thousands of dollars) to lose weight because their medical doctor discovered that the patient was diabetic, or has experienced a mild heart attack or stroke. Of course these conditions are a startling “wake-up call” to our mortality, when up till that point we have gone through life essentially free from disease and are “suddenly” told that we have a serious, life threatening health condition. It is then that we take the appropriate and frequently massive action to lose weight, at least until the memory of the “wake up call” diminishes.

Even people that have undergone the surgical procedures that are available for minimizing the stomach size, e.g, LAP-BAND®, all too frequently they will lose up to a 100 pounds but sadly over the next several years end up gaining most, if not all of that weight back.

So…that brings us back to the title of this article:
Lose Weight, 3 Guaranteed Ways!

We can accept the fact that we need to lose weight, that is probably a given, but how can we successfully, and consistently over the long period of time accomplish that task?


1. Increased daily physical activity. This is a “no brainer”. We all understand the concept, but again, we need to change from the pattern that “this information is for others and not me”. How does one go about increasing daily activity in order to lose weight? A few simple suggestions:

First, if one is significantly overweight, or perhaps older, you are quite likely limited in your activity possibilities. Walking is by far the universal option, even if it means simply parking two rows over from your favorite coffee shop or grocery store, instead of driving in circles until someone in front of the store abandons their parking spot. Walking your dog counts a little bit, but usually that represents a very casual stroll; something more brisk is proffered. If you have a gym membership that has gone unused since after the first week you joined, start back, but go slow in the beginning. The tendency when they are motivated to exercise is to do too much too soon, and we expose ourselves to injury, or at least we get so sore that we lose our motivation continue.

2. Food choices…Again, this is a “no brainer”, we already know about food choices, but we have developed a pattern of eating that overrides our conscious understanding of what is right, and substituted instead what tastes good, what is easy, what costs less, what fills our tummy. These are patterns that must be broken, as difficult as it is, or our lose weight goals will not be accomplished, especially over the long term.

The most offensive habits that most people develop are related to their love of either carbohydrates or fats, or both! Just to clarify, carbohydrates are starches, such as potatoes, pastas, bread or chips. All the yummy desserts like ice cream, pie, cookies will fall into this category also. Fats are a more of a broad category because they are found in most foods and therefore actually are harder to restrict. Most of the snack foods we enjoy are both heavy in fats as well as carbohydrates. Meat for the most part can be heavy in fat. One must be careful in picking out their red meat choices, choosing as lean as possible. Chicken is a good choice, but only if the skin and surrounding fat is removed before cooking. Fish might be the best “meat” choice, but it is usually more expensive and also the skin should be removed before cooking.

3. The magic step…the NatraLEAN™ System. This is a product formulation developed by the One24 nutritional company that will substitute for one, or two meals, depending on your need to lose weight. In my over 35 plus years in practice I have utilized many weight loss products to help the health of my patients, and the NatraLEAN™ System is by far the most complete, nutritious and cost effective program I have ever endorsed. Weight loss research has evolved significantly over the years and the NatraLEAN™ System incorporates the cutting edge formulas necessary to allow the body to lose weight, and at the same time maintain the critical blood sugar levels necessary for proper energy and overall health. Low blood sugar levels are what make us crave either carbohydrates, or sugars in one form or another (soft drinks fall into this category also).

Utilizing a healthy, consistent approach to lose weight will definitely be successful. Finding a strategy that works for your lifestyle is critical but challenging. If you are home all day with the kids and are constantly tempted with whatever is in the cupboard or fridge, you need to eliminate those bad foods from your house. Or, if you are an 8-5 worker wanting to lose weight you need to avoid the donuts, cookies, and candy that are frequently available. Instead make proper food choices at lunch and breaks. Better yet, use the NatraLEAN™ System and bring a pre-mixed shake to use as your lunch, along with the nutritional supplements, it will fill you up and make you feel satisfied, give you energy and help control your blood sugar until dinner time, the end result is that you will lose weight!

For those that might be interested, this is the link for the NatraLEAN™ System products. If one registers with One24 (free) you can purchase the products at the wholesale price. It is a great value, you will lose weight and more importantly your health will be significantly improved. Of course you can’t put a value on your health!!!!

Please write to me if you have any questions (or even call) I would be pleased to give you free professional advice in helping achieve your goal to lose weight.

This is the link to the description of the One24 products:

This is the link to enrolling for free to get the products at wholesale: You’ll need to watch a couple of videos to get to the registration page, but it will be worth it.

Please contact me with any questions.

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