Posted by: Dr. Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor | June 7, 2012

NatraLEAN Weight Mgmt. System, A Doctor’s Opinion

NatraLEAN Weight Mgmt. System, A Doctor’s Opinion

NatraLEAN Weight Management System, a review.

Weight loss products, systems, methods, exercises, devices abound in an attempt to assist people with their weight loss challenges. In America obesity is epidemic and is responsible for many varied health conditions, frequently ending in premature death. The unnecessary medical expenses associated with obesity is astronomical. However, this information is not news to most of my readers. The challenge for those wanting to change from obesity to a healthier life is in finding a weight loss product/system that is effective, practical, cost-efficient and frequently most importantly, tastes acceptable.

Most people having an over weight challenge have tried countless approaches, some have been effective, at least for awhile, but sadly the weight frequently returns. In my 35 plus years in practice I have counseled many patients of their need for weight loss, both for their overall health as well as the health of their spine.

Recently a company called One24 introduced a new weight loss product combination called NatraLEAN. I had been successfully using their other nutritional products, and when I received news that the NatraLEAN™ weight loss product would be released soon I was excited. I was already well aware of the high quality standards demanded by the company and I knew those standards would follow over to a weight loss product.

I was not disappointed!

I insist in recommending only the highest pharmaceutical grade nutritional products to my patients, and they have come to trust and rely on my knowledge and integrity in nutritional counseling. They know I recommend only the highest and most effective products available for their health needs. I therefore objectively evaluated the NatraLEAN products with that same strict level of professional quality I demand to all nutritional formulas I endorse. I was not only pleased, but amazed at the formulation and its application to the total picture of weight loss needs.

I will use the One24’s own website description in reviewing the three NatraLEAN System of products:

“The NatraLEAN System is designed to put your body into the FAT Burning mode. NatraLEAN will take your weight loss to new levels…not only is it scientific…it’s simple!”

The product focuses on 3 areas critical to proper and sustained weight loss:

1. Controlling blood sugar levels and the stimulation of the production of the ‘fat release’ hormone, glucagon, rather than insulin. Many diet drinks, bars and other meal replacements are loaded with sugars and ‘bad carbs’, which actually hinders fat loss. The NatraLEAN™ Weight Management System helps balance your blood sugar/insulin, which dramatically affects energy levels AND how much fat your body stores/holds onto.

2.There must be the consideration of hormone balances, especially the effects that stress has on DHEA, Cortisol, Testosterone, Progesterone & Estrogen. Too much, or too little interferes with fat burning. Maintaining normal cortisol levels stimulates fat loss. Optimal adrenal and thyroid function is critical. The NatraLEAN Weight Management System supports hormonal production/balance. (Most other weight loss products/programs completely ignore this critical component)

3. Maximizing metabolism. The NatraLEANWeight Management System promotes Thermogenesis (Increased Metabolism), which speeds up fat loss (without the use of stimulants).

The NatraLEAN Weight Management System consists of a meal replacement nutritional shake mix designed to replace one, or two meals daily (for 5 days).

The products:

The Nutritional Shake Mix is designed to:

controls hunger
supports healthy metabolism
improve insulin levels
low glycemic index
supports healthy energy levels
quick digestion & absorption

The second product is Pure Energy Support, it’s main focus:

increase energy, without stimulants
reduce cravings
support healthy fat metabolism
helps offset effects of stress
support healthy adrenal and thyroid function

The third product is Blood Sugar & Hunger Support, it is designed to:

inhibit sugar/carbohydrate assimilation
slow metabolic impact of sugars & carbohydrates
support healthy blood sugar levels
reduce insulin response
no stimulants
improve digestive function

I believe the comprehensive, natural formulation found in NatraLEAN Weight Management System to be as close to a perfect combination of nutrients to assist in weight loss management available on the market today. Pair it with a very affordable retail price of $159.00 for all three products, or if one becomes an associate with One24 (membership is FREE and one can then purchase all of the wonderful products at wholesale) the NatraLEAN Weight Management System wholesale price is $139.00. These three products significantly beat the popular competition in both quality of formulation as well a price. The cost savings in food alone for the month will offset the cost of the products.

In summary, if losing weight is a priority I urge you to strongly consider the NatraLEAN Weight Management System, it could very well be the healthiest thing you could do for your body! It can be ordered from my link below.

If you have any questions please write back, I would be happy to give free professional assistance to your personal needs.

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To YOUR health and wealth,
Dr. Paul Zemella (Dr. Z)
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  1. Hi Doc,
    Thanks for a great review of the NatraLean Weight Loss System. I just finished up my first week on it today and my total weight loss was almost double my original goal of 2.5lbs.

    I actually ended up losing a total of 4.8lbs and quite truthfully haven’t felt so energetic in years.

    Keep up the great work my friend.

    All the best,


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